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Welcome ♡ 

I am so happy you are here. 

What we heal within ourselves becomes our gifts to others. Community is so important and having the space to feel supported in an authentic way. I am here to hold sacred space and share a combination of tools to help self-empower and work from the heart space through sound healing, energy healing, meditation, alchemy and healing through movement.  Working through our chakra system, working with the moon cycles, change of seasons, working with the elements, and following the energy as a guide.


I am certified in energy healing 2x (usui & holyfire reiki) and kundalini teacher training 200+ hours and offer guided meditations and sound healing. I will be sharing my offerings in person in studio, 1 on 1 bookings, and courses as they become available. I put my heart and soul into everything I do.  

Everyone is welcome.

When we gather, we exchange. Everyone has something, a gift, a frequency that uplifts and activates something in another. Everything is an exchange. The more we go within the more we have to discover and share.  The more we understand the self, the more we can understand and connect clearly with others. Like the Flower of life, we are all connected. Sending so much love and I can't wait to meet you. 

"Within your womb you hold the codes of all women, connecting you through lineages, timelines, and lifetimes beyond."

- activation vibration

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About Section

We are water

 Connecting with water is connecting with the Universe and all that we hold within. If you are ready to open up to it then you can give yourself permission to do so. Water is cleansing, restoring, replenishing, rejuvenation, connection with the self.  Flowing and connection with emotions, and self-healing,

The cyclical nature of water, and cellular memory and because we are also made of water, the connection is palpable. We all have our own ways to connect and the ability to self heal and reprogram ourselves in a conscious way.  Water ceremonies are also so important , and to take the time to honor, and give thanks and gratitude and for water life 

Working with your Merkabah and your own energy field is an incredible practice. We are able to work with our conscious and subconscious mind, and our energetic, emotional and mental body, to remove time and space and connect with our heart center using Metatron's cube.  This practice creates a vortex of your own energy and light, to help clear old stories, beliefs, the things holding us back. Doing the inner work and finding the roots. We then use this to call in the new, to visualize and connect with our intentions, desires and dreams and creations for the greatest good. I have been working with this for about 3-4 years learning from amazing teachers.

1 on 1 bookings

What you can expect from me:

-Energetic preparation, this usually starts when your booking is completed as I start receiving messages on how to support you

-custom sessions created for you and your needs

-clear channel and flowing energy

-staying on time and on track together

-working with my guides creating a safe, clear, warm open space beforehand

All you need:

-Zoom access, link will be provided at time of booking

-a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be interrupted

-an open mind and open heart, and ready to receive

-your favourite candle and/or crystal to help hold space

-water to drink after the session

Once we are online:

-Introductions and check in

-Meditation and grounding into the body

-Intention setting and space setting and clearing

-Connecting our guides and angels to help support

-Energy healing through the chakras and completing to your needs

-Utilizing my gifts of claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience

-Closing and check in and discussion, and follow up

Benefits: Improve sleep, stress reduction, clarity. Reduced anxiety, feeling more balanced and lighter. Calming of the mind, release of old energy, and renewal.

A few specifics I can help support with: 

-Merkabah activation with Metatron's cube and quantum healing​

-Reiki energy healing, chakra healing and connecting with your guides

-working with the elements/elementals

-womb healing, and working with feminine archetypes

-shadow work, alchemy, mirror work

-rituals and working with the Moon Cycles

-healing through bloodlines, lineage, ancestral healing,

-working with the nervous system, mental, emotional, and physical body

-clarity, wellness, relaxation techniques and daily practices

-guided meditations and sound healings

-working with your own energy field, protection, and awareness

-empathic abilities and sensitivities, working with the Claire's

-kundalini classes, healing through movement, mantras, breathwork

-cedar brushings, working with sage, candles, personal and space clearing 

~more in-depth information and concepts inside the containers ~


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On August 1st, 2023, I was invited to record a podcast.  Everything aligned very quickly in all the ways, with one of my teachers over the last few years. We went deep, this was recorded late at night for me as she is currently across the world, but it was perfect because it was quiet, and I could be open and myself.


Sharing vulnerable pieces of my path and some the tools I have learned.  I started my journey when I was 21 years old, however this covered a huge recent chapter.  Life changes, practices embodied, breaking through deeper barriers of myself, rebirthing. Courses I’ve taken, skills implemented, following my inner compass and intuition, and how I’m coming full circle to share and be in service. 

Thank you for having me.  Everything is always perfect and the experiences we need, to get to where we are.  Infinite love! 

Click the Microphone picture that is hyperlinked, to go to the Spotify and episode of the Golden Thread Podcast

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Thank you!

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