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Welcome beautiful souls


My name is Stacia and currently reside on the beautiful West Coast of Canada.  I am a mix of indigenous, chile, ireland and scotland.   I have been working with energy for about 18 years.  I started by helping clear homes, and then working with people and in community blessings. I have been attending ceremonies, retreats, taking metaphysical courses, coaching, volunteering my time and giving back. Through all of this I have been digging deeper, learning the importance of having a practice, being present and self-aware, ancestral healing, and our connection with the Earth.  Learning the importance of self-love, devotion, resulting in transformation through meditation, quantum healing and alchemy.   

I have been attending ceremonies and events in 5 continents and visiting sacred sites. These experiences have helped me to see more of what is possible and remember deeper aspects of myself.  I have been led to Egypt, Argentina, London, most recently, Indonesia, and many locations in the States.  I go where I am called and have a connection with the land. 

Everything is an exchange and I believe in moving with intention.   I am forever a student in this lifelong journey of remembering, and look forward to sharing more of this with you :)  

Sharing a few photos of my journey below. 

Sending all my love and see you on the inside!



chalice well, glastonbury


glastonbury tor, uk


philae temple, temple of isis, nile egypt


temple of dendera, Hathor, nile egypt

salt flats, utah


stonehenge uk


Bali, Indonesia


Pueblo Encanto, Capilla Del Monte, Argentina

Stacia Commission V2 Final PNG_socialmed
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