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About Reiki HolyFireIII


Holy Fire ignites and reveals the light of the authentic self.  This form of Reiki contains Fire of Unity. This flows directly from Source through the practitioner and out through the hands to the client/receiver. The energy is more focused and precise and has a more direct connection, creating tingly sensations, gentle heat and alchemy. This is not religious, but more spiritual in nature. 


Rei: Spiritual wisdom, Ki: means Life force energy.  These sessions can be done in-person or online. Distance energy healing sessions are just as powerful, if not more powerful than in person. You also have the option to be in the comfort of your own home and the support of your own space.

What is Distance healing?

The distance healing symbol is used to send the energy at a distance, bridging time and space.  These sessions can be completed without being in person.  This is part of the placement/attunement and training.  It can also be used to send energy to the past, present, and future. 

Benefits of HolyFire III:

  • Improved sleep and restful state

  • Energy flowing, increased circulation and more balanced within the being

  • Continues to work through the body after the session is over

  • Intelligent energy that flows and goes where it is needed

  • Increased energy and clarity and sense of peace

  • Removing fogginess and tiredness, lethargy, feeling lighter and more refreshed

  • Energy moving through the body and chakras and energy centers (chakras) in a healthy way. Our stories and experiences are held in our bodies, so helping with our overall wellbeing

  • Helping release energy blockages that may be stuck in the body

  • Feeling of ease and bliss and harmony in the body.

Working with Stacia:

Her sessions are unique and intuitively led, and custom to you and your needs. She uses her gifts of Clairsentience, Claircognizance and Clairaudience and toning into the body.  Also pairing different sound tools to help facilitate in the session and healing in Theta state.  Also understanding of the power of sound and energy and vibration.  Stacia has been working with energy for about 18 years, learning from many teachers and through her travels which has supported the development of her gifts. 

She also provides Reiki Drumming Healing Sessions, which is utilized in the group in-person events. This combines the healing energy of Holy Fire III with the vibration and grounding rhythm of the Earth’s heartbeat. The combination helps the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.  Her hand-painted drum is adorned with the Flower of Life, enhancing our connection to ourselves and the world around us. Coming back to Oneness and neutrality.  Guiding you towards balance, harmony, strengthening your energetic field, and empowering the spirit.


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