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Kundalini Yoga

Welcome loves!  

I am so excited to bring back Kundalini classes. 

As you may know I completed 200+ hours of Kundalini teacher training. This practice came into my life when I was going down the "rabbit hole" and digging into the layers of myself.  I was in a space of breaking barriers and patterns and coming back to my heart space.  This helped shift layers within me to heal and added further alchemy and dig deeper in another way.


So, "What is the Kundalini?".   Kundalini is the life force energy at the base of our spine. Once we start to get our energy moving and flowing in our chakra system (energy centers), it is no longer dormant.  This helps circulate your life force and activate further awakening and consciousness.  Moving past the mind and getting into the body and feeling lighter.  


Kundalini yoga is a form of yoga that supports the awakening of kundalini energy and unlocking energy centers (chakras) in order to balance the flow of energy within the body. Helping tap into our own inner power and strength.

Kundalini yoga is often practiced with the use of breath work, mantra, and meditation.

Kundalini classes are a combination of mantra, movement, and meditation.  Benefits include mental and emotional wellbeing, strengthening the aura and energetic field, clarity, and strengthening the immune and nervous system.  How do we feel the results?  Repetition.  Yogi Bhajan said "if you don't feel anything, you aren't done yet" lol... The more this practice is continued, you will feel and experience the shifts and what you are capable of.  It is different for everyone, but you may experience a sensation of heat and alchemic energy, and even liquid sensations.

There are no pre-requisites, and anyone can join, as this is at you own pace :)

These classes will be posted and shared directly on my Instagram page when incorporated into events, so feel free to follow for updates.  Also, these will be shared in my Email lists which you can join at any time.  The field to subscribe is located on the Home page, which is all inclusive for upcoming events. 

Sending you so much love and can't wait to see you.

"Life is a constant flow of love, it only takes your participation". 

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