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7 Weeks


About the Course

Hi loves, I am so happy you are here. In this 7 week container we are going to be diving into many things and tools and techniques. This will be a jounrney and space to self empower, self love, break through barriers, and shed old idenities. A space to feel held and seen and be with other like minded beautiful humans. I am here to help guide you through processes and practices in a tangible way to come back home to yourself. We will be doing the inner work, and you will be able to experience more of what you are capable of, and the truth of who you are. If you are ready to let loose, and done with self defeating habits, thought patterns, I am here. All that is needed is a full body yes and participation. These are things I have learned and implement in my life that I personally swear by, and have travelled to learn and remember and experience and embody. I have worked with and gone through all of my practices deeply, which have saved me over and over again. This course has been birthed through my own personal life experiences, through the crumbling and transformation. While i had gone through the depths of myself, and starting over. Relearning and reclaiming who I Am. This is my heart and soul and i cant wait to share with you. You have been guided here for a reason my love.

I will be here with you, helping hold space to create alchemy and Rise together.

This is a circle, and we are all equal. I value this so deeply.

See you on the inside, and I can wait to witness you in all you are. I love you.

Your Instructor


Stacia has been on her path and journey for about 17 years. Starting with energy healing, energy work, ceremonies, and learning from different teachers and mentors over the years. Coaching and personal development, leading to self-healing, expansion, travelling and learning more of what is possible. Participating in ceremonies and events in 4 different continents, doing the deep inner personal work, working with the elements, awakening her own gifts, and being of service to others and the planet. Here to help guide and hold loving space and bring you back to your own self-empowerment.

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